Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Hair and Pregnancy Update!

Yesterday I made my way to the salon and got my hair changed back to blonde, the stylist found the closest color to match my blonde hair and away we went. Then I started to think, maybe I should spice it up a bit for not only myself, but Halloween.

Here it is!

In about a week, Brian and I are going in for the 15th week check up and we haven't had an in-depth checkup since I first got pregnant. This is one of the first times we might get to see the sex and if the baby is truly healthy. We are really excited about it and we're are really hoping for the best.

I was talking to my mom yesterday and she jokingly said, "Well, who knows, you might end up with twins." TWINS!? It was in the back of my head for a long time and now I'm thinking about it seriously. My Mom and my Aunt both had a set of twins and my Mom and Aunt are twins. Oh geez... Brian just kind of dismissed the whole thing by saying that the odds for the happening are so against that even happening. He reminded me that my sister didn't have twins when she had her baby. Then he told me he would be twice as happy if he had two little ones!

I have a great husband!


Frank said...

Is that the front or the back of your head?


I kid, I kid, it looks marvelous.

JenBun said...


He's alright... ;)

No matter what, I hope the baby(ies) is(are) healthy!