Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holidays and Random Musings.

Sorry I haven't been making it to all your blogs over the past week, I've been a little busy and not so bored lately. With the baby girls, we had to make our announcements to family and assorted friends. Also, we've been having a little trouble with both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then the usual trouble of parents vying for attention.

The first story from the past week is that we are having a bit of a problem with our holiday plans. We both want to make the trip back to the Twin Cities, to see assorted friends and family. The problem arises from our parents. Brian doesn't really want to see his parents over the holidays, but I'm trying to get him to, for the babies. So over the past week, we've been getting emails and calls about who we are going to have Thanksgiving dinner with. It has kind of erupted into something similar to the 08 presidential races.

My mom and dad both want us to come to their place for the dinner. As per usual it will be full of screaming kids and screaming adults. I'm used to it, while Brian isn't. His past Thanksgiving dinner before we started dating was sitting in his apartment while eating Chinese. Brian may have let slip that my parent's Thanksgiving is loud and noisy, with tons of kids. So their platform, was that it will be nice and quiet at their dinner.

Eventually it was a crazy back and forth, like something on a sitcom. "We'll have casual clothing!" "We'll have all your favorite food!" Yeah I know they both really don't care about seeing Brian and this is just an attempt to show who would be the better grandparents, but it's getting weird now.

We're still leaning toward my parents, because Brian is fairly sure he is going to get in a physical fight with either his brother or dad. Also, the odds of being called a skank at my parents is drastically lower.

We are probably going to see his family a little bit, but not go there for dinner.

One last thing about Thanksgiving, if you want a funny story, ask Brian what last Thanksgiving was like.


As far as Christmas goes, we are in the same boat. Brian doesn't really want to have anything to do with his parents of Christmas because his exes family attends their Christmas functions. Guess we are going to be spending a lot of time with my family during the holidays.


My parents have had a little trouble with the names for the girls. They like Katherine, but they think Nozomi might be too, weird. We tried telling them that it's a nice name because that way Brian feels that they are going to be a bit more connected to their heritage. They were fine with it after that, but my mom keeps sending me baby names.


Just to mention on something earlier in this post, yes Brian's mom called me a skank. To my face. In English.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Big Baby News!

We got a call this morning, that our doctor had a cancellation and could fit us in today. So we went and learned some amazing news! First the more important news, everything is healthy and right on time. Now the big news.


We're having TWINS! Two little baby girls! We had a name plan for this and they will be named, Katherine and Nozomi!