Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hate Mail.

I've told Brian this, but it's really bothering me and I need to vent.

Lately I've been getting a barrage of nasty emails from an address that I do not know. It started off as just a few emails telling me that I "suck" and other various light insults. After the first couple, I just stopped responding to them and eventually they increased in viciousness. Topping with this person emailing and telling me to abort and all that. It got a little scary, but both of us know who it is, it's Brian's ex-girlfriend/ex-best friend.

We haven't had the best of relationships, it's a long story. The most I'll say is that we've gotten into a few altercations in the past.

Anyways, Brian has kept calling her and telling her to stop. She keeps claiming it isn't her and since we have no real way of proving it was her, we can't do anything.

In some lighter news we picked up the new puppy today. Brian and her have been inseparable since we picked her up. It's adorable. He walks to another room and a few seconds later she jogs up behind him.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holiday Family Time and the MOA.

Brian and I got back yesterday, a lot faster than when we went there. Mainly because there wasn't any Holiday traffic also cause my beautiful mom packed us a lot of food. HI MOM! I'm done now.

Brian and I had a conversation about who would write about this, I got to, so please enjoy our shopping trip to the Mall of America.

We brought little Rachel along with us, she wanted to play at the amusement park while we shopped. She is only four, so one of us had to follow her around. Brian was tasked with carting her around, while I went shopping.

I've always gotten really great gifts from my parents and family, now that we have money to give equally great gifts, we are! So I went shopping, since my mom now knows about this blog, I will not mention what I bought. Just to give an idea, Brian was not happy with how much I bought.

On Brian's side, he took her to the amusement park in the mall and claims that Rachel rode the swing ride, somewhere around 11 times. Rachel claims over a hundred times. Brian bought her a funnel cake as they made their way over to Santa. They were in the line for about an hour, before Rachel sat on his lap.

Brian reports that she wants three things for Christmas:

1. Sophie. She wants my doggy.
2. The life size pony. She's getting it from her dad.
3. She wants us to name one of the twins after her. That's not going to happen.

While this was going on Brian got hit on by one of the elves. She snuck her phone number in the photo card we got from Santa. I threw it out the window.

Just to be safe.