Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hate Mail.

I've told Brian this, but it's really bothering me and I need to vent.

Lately I've been getting a barrage of nasty emails from an address that I do not know. It started off as just a few emails telling me that I "suck" and other various light insults. After the first couple, I just stopped responding to them and eventually they increased in viciousness. Topping with this person emailing and telling me to abort and all that. It got a little scary, but both of us know who it is, it's Brian's ex-girlfriend/ex-best friend.

We haven't had the best of relationships, it's a long story. The most I'll say is that we've gotten into a few altercations in the past.

Anyways, Brian has kept calling her and telling her to stop. She keeps claiming it isn't her and since we have no real way of proving it was her, we can't do anything.

In some lighter news we picked up the new puppy today. Brian and her have been inseparable since we picked her up. It's adorable. He walks to another room and a few seconds later she jogs up behind him.


JenBun said...

I would block the address completely.

If they keep coming, you can report it for internet harrassment.

Hooray for the new puppy!!! So cute.

Rachel said...

You can figure things out with IP addresses but I don't know how any of that works.

See, I just mock the hate mailers. Tell her that you appreciate the fact that you are soooo important to them that she is thinking of you all the time

Frank said...

Ah yes, the old hate-mail deal. I got plenty of that from my ex girlfriend's sisters when she and I broke up. T'was an ugly time.